Whast is neighbourhood planning

What is the Sheepy Parish Neighbourhood Plan:Made May 2022?

Our neighbourhood plan sets out a vision for Sheepy Parish and supports sustainable development based on feedback from our community which reflects the needs and priorities of our Parish.

The Neighbourhood Plan is used to support the Parish Council & Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council in responding to planning applications.

Our Neighbourhood Plan guides on future development, growth and protection within the Parish and covers the use and development of land taking into account social, economic and environmental issues

Sheepy Parish has and will continue to change over time. Previously, we have had limited opportunity to influence change but now with a Neighbourhood Plan in place decisions on planning are made based on what the community said they would and would not support around development.

What does our Neighbourhood Plan do?

•Decide where and what type of development should happen
•Identifies areas for protection
•Sets out improvements or additions to facilities and services

What can the Neighbourhood Plan NOT do?
•Prevent any development taking place/block a specific proposal
•Conflict with existing current statutory policies (e.g. Local Plan)
•Be prepared by a body other than a parish council or without community support


Why did we review and refresh our original March 2019 Neighbourhood Plan?

Over time all policy documentes age and can become out of date..Things have already changes and we want to ensure that our plan remains current and maintains its effectiveness.

There is also a  risk that changes in the broader planning environment may render our Neighbourhood Plan out of date at some point.  The governmnet has already issued a white paper on planning reform and we know that housing allocations may increase across the Borough.  By updating now we are trying to minimise the risk of our Neighbourhood Plan not doing what we all set out for it to do; ensuring development protects and enhances our Parish.

What did the refresh cover?

  • Aligning with legislation changes
  • Updating to include changes that have taken place since the plan was made
  • The enhancement of content including providing design guidance.