Our Neighbourhood Plan

Our Neighbourhood Plan encompasses what our community said they wanted to see around future development, growth and protection of the Parish.  Aiming to meet our needs and aspirations.

Upcoming Meetings

Discover when our upcoming Steering Group meetings are being held along with our interactive calendar allowing you to find out details from previous meetings and events.

The Steering Group meet monthly and we welcome all who wish to attend and find out more or get involved.

Other Information

If you are looking for useful links, contact information for the Sheepy Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group or want to keep up-to-date with our latest news – we have everything available throughout the website.



Here you’ll find latest news and updates regarding the Sheepy Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

05 Feb 22
January 2022 Update

Following completion of the consultation stage, an Examiner has been appointed by HBBC and the Exami...