NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – REFRESH (2020 – 2022) Timeline
May 2022

Adoption of refreshed Neighbourhood Plan - COMPLETED

Adoption and celebration Steering Groups hardwork

March 2022

Independent Examination

2  week period

December 21 - January 22 2022

Public body consultation

6 week consultation based on statutory guidelines

November 2022


Neighbourhood Plan submission to HBBC

May 2021

Update submission documentation

Following consultation feedback updating Neighbourhood Plan documentation ready for submission

April - May 2021

Pre-submission consultation

6 week consultation period in line with statutory requirements

April 2021

Parish Council Approval

Approval of pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan

October - November 2020

Website update

Update of website to reflect planned refresh and general updates

October 20 - March 2021 2021

Neighbourhood Development Plan drafting

Development of design code and collating of supporting photographs.  Updating of Neighbourhood Plan document.

October - November 2020

Terms of Reference

Updating Terms of Reference for Parish Council approval

Approval – 3rd November 2020

August - September 2020

Existing Neighbourhood Plan Review

Steering group review of document to identify areas requiring update

July 2020

Parish Council Refresh Approval

Approval granted at Parish Council meeting on 7th July 2020

2015 - 2019 NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN:MADE March 2019 Timeline

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March 2019

Neighbourhood Plan:Made March 2019 -Adoption of Neighbourhood Plan & celebration

Completion of the Steering Group’s hard work.

March 2019

Neighbourhood Plan -Independent Verification

Independent verification by Third Party

February - March 2019

Neighbourhood Plan -Referendum

Prepare and give notice of Referendum

Referendum – Parishioners to vote on the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan

Collate results

October 18 - January 2019

Neighbourhood Plan - Independent Examination

HBBC appoint examiner

Examination and completion of updates

August 2018

Neighbourhood Plan - Finalise & Submit

Finalise & submit Neighbourhood Plan

December 17- January 18 2018

Pre-submission Parishioner Consultation

Prepare comment forms

Decide on date and venue

Issue invites

Parishioner consultation events

December 17 - January 18 2018

Pre-submission Statutory Consultation

Produce draft Neighbourhood Plan

Decide on date and venue

Issue invites (6 weeks notice)

HBBC review

Statutory & Stakeholders consultation events

Incorporate feedback

Submit to HBBC

October 2017

Neighbourhood Plan - Parish Council & HBBC review

Share with HBBC informally

Parish Council review and sign off

HBBC review

Update NP with changes

January - October 2017

Neighbourhood Plan - Policy Development

Prioritise policy areas for development

Produce first draft policies

Produce maps

Produce draft Neighbourhood plan

December 2016- April 2017

Questionnaire data analysis

Feedback of data from RCC

Define sub groups

High level review

First summary to Parish Council and endorsement

Preliminary findings update to Parishioners

Questionnaire detailed analysis by sub groups

February - March 2017

Questionnaire - Scan

Scan questionnaires for evidence database

November 2016

Steering Group Training

Steering Group training by Planning consultant (PlanIT-X)

September - December 2016

Questionnaire data input

Agree questionnaire referencing for SNAP database entry

Test SNAP software

Enter questionnaire data onto SNAP software

Agree quality check sample size

Quality check data input

July - October 2016

Questionnaire Collection

Collection of consultation questionnaire to all Parish Residents.

August 2016

Questionnaire Distribution

Allocation of areas to distributors

Agree support information sheet for distributors

Distribution of questionnaire to all Parish Residents

July 2016

Questionnaire - Pilot and finalisation

Pilot drafted questionnaire with family and friends for ease of use, formatting and accuracy

Validate with Parish Council

Finalise questionnaire

Obtain quotations for printing and scanning

Questionnaire printing

March - April 2016


Define scope of website pages and functionality

Obtain quotations

Develop website design

Populate data and graphics


March / April 2016

Questionnaire - Drafting

Agree format

Analyse consultation feedback for content

Working groups to draft questionnaire content:

  • Housing, heritage and history
  • Traffic & transport
  • Facilities, services and business
  • Energy, environment and open spaces
  • Children’s Questionnaire
March 2016

Stakeholder Event

Stakeholder event for local landowners, stakeholders, businesses, clubs and societies.

Attendance by RCC and HBBC

January 2016

Consultation Drop-in Event

Drop-in events at Sibson and Sheepy Magna

First step in the consultation process that will give those who live and work in the Parish their say on the future shape and development.

Attendance by RCC and HBBC

January - March 2016

Third Party Engagement

Vetting Process

Planning Consultant

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC)

Rural Communities Council (RCC)

July - December 2015

Steering Group Mobilisation

Finance  – Budget, funding, financial management and processes

Programme – Outline plan

Evidence database management

Communication and engagement planning – website, twitter, facebook, articles

Sub groups

HBBC Engagement

Consultants – Planning