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27th July 2021

HBBC current consultation on draft Local Plan – What is the difference with the Sheepy Neighbourhood plan ?

Note – HBBC Local Plan consultation runs until 28th August 21. HBBC have arranged drop-in events across the Borough to answer any of your questions. The Sheepy event is planned at the Memorial Hall, Monday August 2nd 2pm – 7pm.

Here we explain what is the difference?

Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans

You might have wondered what the difference is between the consultation on the Sheepy Neighbourhood Plan that took place in May and the current consultation on Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council’s (HBBC’s) Local Plan. Both plans have the potential to affect what happens in Sheepy Parish and both are legally-binding documents that contain a series of policies. Some of these policies relate to the development and protection of land, showing how and where new development will (or might) take place over the duration of the plan. Both plans should be aligned and not in conflict.

The principal difference between the two plans is that the HBBC plan considers the Borough as a whole and the Sheepy Plan focusses on the Parish. The Sheepy Plan has been developed and drafted by the local community (under the guidance of the Parish Council) and was approved at a referendum where 91% were in favour. The HBBC Local Plan also goes through public consultation (currently) and independent examination, but it does not go to referendum. Whilst the HBBC Local Plan considers local representations made during the consultation period, the scale of the plan means that it cannot consider the many different local issues that the community-drive Neighbourhood Plan can. Both are important documents, and both are very important for the Parish; especially the emerging Local Plan as that will set out the number of new houses that the Parish will be expected to accommodate over the next 15 years. It is therefore important that you have your say on both when the opportunity arises. 


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