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9th March 2021

Neighbourhood Plan Update March 2021

The Steering group met in March to review progress against the Neighbourhood Plan minor review and requests from Parish Council for support with planning applications and other planning related requests.

The minor review of the Neighbourhood Plan is progressing well, however we are slightly behind our original target dates. We are all working incredibly hard to be ready to seek Parish Council approval for the pre-submission at the Parish Council April meeting. This is the first key milestone.

Outside of the Neighbourhood Plan minor review work we continue to review the draft responses for planning applications ensuring alignment with the Neighbourhood Plan. This has kept us busy recently ! Additionlly, we’ve recently supported the Parish Council with a response on the government White Paper on the proposed planning reforms. We all agreed that reform is required, however some of the proposals within the White Paper significantly reduce local decision making. This would mean less emphasis on planning supporting local need. We will keep close to this and support the Parish Council, as required.


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