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3rd May 2017

April 17 update – A busy month again

We are all continuing to get ‘stuck in’ reviewing and drafting policies.

At our monthly Steering Group meeting, we caught up on general Steering Group matters.  It was great to see we closed off many of the outstanding actions.  Thanks to all the Steering Group for all the hard work in keeping on top of our day to day business, in addition to work on the policies.

Rob as Finance Office is is looking at how we can apply for additional funding from the Locality grant.

John provided a detailed update on the programme.  We are still pushing hard but have updated to reflect realistic timescales to get through the various formalities.

Completion is now targetted for 2018.

We are on target for completion the first draft of the Neighbourhood plan by June 17.

Our full Timeline can be found on the website page.


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